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International Research Symposium on Pure and Applied Sciences

Systematic activities combining basic and applied research are aimed at discovering solutions to scientific problems and creating new knowledge and products. To accelerate this process, multidisciplinary networking and dissemination of research findings are crucial.

IRSPAS – 2016, under the theme of “Multidisciplinary and innovative scientific research for sustainable development” is organized with the intention of disseminating scientific knowledge and providing a platform for academics/ researchers to discuss scientific discoveries and collaborative research to promote sustainable development.




A delegation comprising 18 undergraduates, that represents all faculties, selected to participate in the summer camp held at Chongqing Normal University, China, was given the air tickets on 8th July, 2016 at the Senate Room, University of Kelaniya. Our society president Mr.pasindu chamikara selected to go China summer camp.

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We are regret to inform you that the Microbia Quiz which was planned to do on 2016.06.07 & the Launching of the Microbes magazine are postponed due to floods & the closing of the university. Launching of the magazine is postponed to the next semester & Quiz to the next year.


All the undergraduates of the University of Kelaniya are welcome to apply for the “KelGreen Debater” interdepartmental debate competition organized by the University of Kelaniya for the Education for Sustainable Development program.

– Send your applications to including the representing department and the details of the team leader.

– Please note that only one team from each department can participate. If more than one team apply from the same department, the team applied firstly will be selected for the competition.


Dear members of the Society of Microbiology,
We would like to inform you that the annual general meeting of the society will be held on Tuesday,29th of March 2016
Venue: A 11 301 hall
Time:12.00 p.m onwards
Your participation will be highly appreciated.
Thank you!

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