Message from the Head of the Department

mr. m m gunawardena

The Society of Microbiology is the students’ academic organization that has been established in the University with the aim of promoting educational activities on the subject Microbiology.

The Department of Microbiology, with its academic staff members, other supporting employees, laboratories and equipment and all, is there in the system, for nothing else but to serve the students who follow Microbiology as a major subject for their Bachelor’s Degree. That highlights the importance of the students as a part of the system. Organizing themselves the members of this important community into an academic society can only enhance the productivity of the academic services of the Department.

As the members of the academic staff, we expect our students to remain ‘engaged’ always with the subject in every possible manner and students’ involvement in academic societies such as this one is an activity that contribute to the fulfillment of that expectation of ours. In that context, we always welcome the establishment and functioning of the Society of Microbiology.

Any organization would be just a hollow entity without the active participation of the members in its activities. The devotion of its active members, especially the office bearers, towards the activities of the Society of Microbiology is admired by us and we wish them every success. In the same time, I fervently wish that the time and energy they have to spend on the activities of the Society shall not be spent at the expense of their routine academic activities, and, having that in mind, I appeal to all our students to support the Society in order to make matters easier for its active members, and, as the Head of the Department, I pledge my support.

Mr.M. M. Gunawardane,
Head of the Department.