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Student Society 

A student body organized on the basis of a subject they study can be led to have beneficial impact on the studies produce effective, knowledgeable, and outstanding graduates in microbiology stream.
Work hand in hand with the staff to give the maximum opportunities, leadership skills and a good working exposure to the students following microbiology as a compulsory subject.

About us…

Department of Microbiology in the University of Kelaniya is the only department in Sri Lanka that offers microbiology as a major subject to B.Sc. degree program. It was established in 1986 .The student society of Microbiology is a collection of students doing Microbiology as a major subject for their degree. It has always being hand in hand with the staff to give maximum benefits and requirements to the undergraduates.

The student council has being elected from the student membership and academic staff members. The societal activities are conducted by the active participation of all its constituents. The publishing of the annual magazine ‘MICROBES’ , conducting training programs and seminars over professional paths of applied microbiology , organizing exhibitions and carrier fairs are some of them.

The societal activities have being planned in a way to improve and sharpen the leadership skills, organizing skills and interpersonal skills such as team working, sharing and caring. Because as the subject it self says , we are interrelated organisms working in close relationship with all the others around us , in our natural habitat.

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