Internship in microbiology- 2017

At the end of the course unit student should be able to

  • apply laboratory skills in microbiology related industries,
  • develop generic skills needed to work in the real world of work,
  • to understand the social structure and organization of the industry and work accordingly.

Course content:
Major aspects to be covered are how to apply the knowledge of microbiology to different industries based on food, dairy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc. agriculture to develop laboratory and generic skills needed to work in the real world of work.  The required resource materials will be provided.

All the 3rd year microbiology Students should fill BOTH forms (Table and form ). Insert both links below 
Information for the Department :     CV Form
Information for the NAITA :    Student placements
Deadline : 15th June 2017
For more details, Please contact ;
(Internship programme 2017 coordinating Teaching Assistants )
Eranga : 0718792137
Thushinari : 0771996139 

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