Welcome to the Alumni Relations Unit!

 Be an alumni member of our society and following tasks would become much easier for you.

                 * A way to find a good job.

                 * To connect with lecturers, demonstrators and current undergraduate who are                                      doing Microbiology as a subject.

                 * To obtain information about available scholarships for you.

                 *  To easily exchange learning materials with each others.

                  * A way to add value and respect to the degree you worked so hard to earn.

Each new membership will make the Alumni Association of Society of Microbiology (AASP) stronger. Come and join with our growing community.

2008/2009 Batch

2009/2010 Batch

2010/2011 Batch

2011/2012 Batch

2012/2013 Batch

2013/2014 Batch

2014/2015 Batch 



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